A Raglan Bach: Whare Tatū

Whare Tatū

A classic Raglan style Bach nestled behind the estuary, evoking feelings of true relaxation through it's minimalistic design, we spoke to the owners of this simple yet stylish ancillary dwelling and asked them about the inspiration behind the project...


Which is Maori for

(verb) to land on, arrive, settle

We think Whare Tatū reflects true Raglan coastal style, what was the inspiration behind the project and who designed your home?

The little bach, Whare Tatū is a space created for whanau, friends and visitors.  Fundamental key elements for this space were, simple, casual and informal.

From a design aspect, inspiration was taken from every old ramshackle shed, barn, lean-to and surf pad lived in or seen, genuine in purpose, minimal, and cool as f*@k

In collaboration with long time friend and fellow surfer, Adam Mercer, from Mercer & Mercer Architects and his crew, everything was thrown into the pot to bring this surf whare to life.  Adam understands the Kaupapa, this way of life, surf culture, and most importantly, this very cool part of the world that can't be taken for granted.

What inspired the materials that you used and what were they? Eg the cladding, the interior ply, the decking etc.

From the tree, as much as possible, otherwise practical in support of its natural environment, colours of the Ponga and Harakeke, natural hues.

How did you choose the site and what drew you to it?

Siting of the Whare looks easy, nestled into an incline on it's south side and perched above the orchard on it's north, overlooking the estuary and out to the harbour beyond, its 40sqm of bespoke space and decking connects seamlessly to the larger landscape it inhabits.

How did you find the building process and did you face any challenges with the site?

This is a simple home, but simple is never easy, building rarely is. Paramount for success is to find the right crew, people with a genuine interest in what you want to create, and communication is key.

What advice would you give people looking to build a simple home like Whare Tatū in Raglan?

So, what is a home?  What do you need from a building in the most basic terms?  Privacy and outlook, form and function, security or openness?... ultimately, don't you want to feel like you live on the coast every day?

You can book a stay at Whare Tatū via Airbnb. With one double bedroom it sleeps 2 guests and is walking distance from one of the best cafe spots in Raglan!

Interested in building a bach or holiday home in Raglan? Come and check out our beautiful coastal sections on the Rangitahi Peninsula, all with water views and native bush surrounds. Check out what's on offer here, and book a site visit with us! We'd love to show you our slice of paradise.

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