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The Hut here in Rangitahi is always being asked about their delicious locally roasted coffee - Coaster Coffee. So we thought it was about time that we found out more about Malcolm, who is the one-man band behind Coaster Coffee. Read on to find out more about Malcolm, who has a wealth of experience in coffee and also services coffee machines here in Raglan.

Could you give yourself a little bit of an introduction? I heard you have a long history in the coffee world.

Well, my name is Malcolm. I've been in hospitality for 25+ years, originally starting in kitchens as a cook/chef. An opportunity to become a barista came up at Rocket Coffee Roasters in 1997, so I decided I'd like to jump in the deep end and have ago. 350 plus coffees a day is a steep learning curve, but I really enjoyed it and still love making coffee to this day. In 2005 I started working as the machine technician and espresso trainer for Rocket and worked with them until I went out on my own, contracting to many roasters to this day. In recent times I started roasting and distributing.


What inspired you to start Coaster Coffee?

Ever since I was young I have liked cooking on all sorts of levels.

What makes Coaster Coffee Unique?

It's a one-man operation, hence the logo.

What is it about Raglan that inspires you?  

It sounds cliché, but the community and the beauty surroundings.

How has the business evolved since you started?

Coaster Coffee Originally started as the coffee beans I roasted for the Raglan market and has since evolved into supplying two cafes and being stocked on the local-supermarket shelves.


You also service coffee machines, do you service particular brands?

On a commercial level, I prefer only to work on La Marzocco and Wega, domestically Rocket, VBM and ECM machines.

What’s the dream for the future of Coaster Coffee?

Increase the volume of coffee roaster, as that's where my passion really lies


Where can we try or purchase Coaster Coffee?    

For take-home coffee, you can purchase from Raglan Super Value in 250g bags in Bean, plunger or espresso ground form. Over-the-counter coffee can be consumed at The Hut (Rangitahi) and Rockit kitchen (Raglan west).

Or visit us online.

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