Spring cleaning tips

Spring brings that fresh clean air and wave of inspiration, so let's make the most of it!

We've curated some of our best tips and resources for a successful - and fun - spring clean.

Start with a plan. It's easy to get overwhelmed and feel like it all needs to be done at once, so make yourself a cuppa and sit down to plan, first.

Tackle room by room
Also section off your outdoor spaces such as; garage, driveway, deck, cladding, veg garden, kids play corner, entertaining area ect.. and concur them one by one.

Plan your rubbish and recycling removal
This is naturally a great time to declutter, will you need to organise a trailer or bin? Get extra bags and boxes to make sorting of your recycling easy. You can get more info on this from Xtreme Zero Waste Raglan.

Outsource the big stuff
Why not get help? Things like window cleaning, staining, painting and water blasting can easily be outsourced.
We've listed some local contacts for you below.

Have a system
Be sure to declutter and remove unwanted items before you start cleaning.
Consider cute storage baskets or flatpack boxes ready, to not only 'hide' things away but also look pretty and help you stay tidy in the long run. Have a basket to hide cables in the living room or office. Use cute boxes for the kids toys and shoes, a nice bowl or basket in the entrance is a must-have to keep your keys, sunnies, sunblock and reusable shopping bags ect..

Don't forget about your house plants
Dust off the leafs and re-pot those who need it. A clean glass spray bottle is super handy to keep nearby to give them a mist every now and then as you walk past.

Make it a party!
Why not get some friends involved and help each other out? Some drinks and nibbles in the evening sun as a reward will go down well for sure.

Get the kids involved
Spring clean can be fun for the little people too! Give them age appropriate tasks and help them learn the concept of letting go and donating things they have outgrown.

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