Ideal family location

Mel, as a family of six, what do you love most about living on Rangitahi?

The community and connection

We absolutely love the warmth and friendliness of the Rangitahi community. It’s easy to engage in daily neighbourhood conversations, exchange many a friendly acknowledgments in passing and our kids get to live their best life going door to door gathering their mates for adventures in the nearby reserves - this place is truly special. Thanks to Sam and the team, community spirit thrives, with boutique events like farmers markets and pop up dinners, while also actively creating outdoor leisure and playground areas.

Villa Peaks, Image Mel Vink

Ideal Location

We are lucky to be nestled in close proximity to all that Raglan offers but at the same time, the Rangitahi peninsula provides a sense of ‘holiday time’ surrounded by estuaries and lush green reserves. We cherish the convenience of walking to town, a quick drive to the beaches, and it’s so great that our kids can easily bike to school every day - this is the essence of Rangitahi living.

Villa Peaks, Image Mel Vink
Villa Peaks, Image Mel Vink

A harmonious vibe

We love that you can feel the urban laid-back Raglan vibe in every corner of Rangitahi.
The thoughtfully planned subdivision is set to complement the natural landscape and its success lies in the harmony of home and landscape designs following Rangitahi's guidelines. These guidelines encourage coastal themes and architectural accents, inspiring a seamless blend of homes and landscapes that, while unique, maintain a consistent community feel.

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