Meet Sam, Soph, Margot and Frank

If you've explored the peninsula or enjoyed a coffee at The Hut then more than likely you would have met at least one of these friendly faces.

The Rangitahi Project is all about Family, from the people behind the business to those that are part of the future Rangitahi community. There are quite a few relatives working on different aspects of the project from marketing, sales, law, landscape design and architecture. David likes to get everyone involved, making use of their skills and experience.

As the subdivision manager, Sam is usually your first point of contact. He loves driving you around the peninsula for a private section viewing as much as you'll find him hands on, plucking weeds and putting out fires where needed. Sophie is in charge of the Rangitahi design review process and will be assisting you in getting the best possible design outcome for your new build.

Sam and Sophie


Sam , Margot, Frank and Sophie

 Sam and Sophie have been involved with The Rangitahi Project since late 2016 when the stage one sections were first shown to local families. Over the past 5 years they have been involved in different aspects of the project, from urban design and masterplanning to sales and marketing to creating the design guidelines and developing the design review process as well as designing and planting various orchards and native trees across the peninsula. Sophie's background is in graphic design and interior styling, and Sam's background is in business and project management.

Sam and Sophie have built their first home on the peninsula within stage one 'The Village'. They have had the unique experience of the whole process from both sides of the table from purchasing land to the design and build process.


Sam and Margot


On a daily basis you can find these four sipping coffees at the local coffee shop 'The Hut' or working in the sales office helping families find their dream piece of land with the beautiful backdrop of Rangitahi, Mt Karioi and the Raglan harbour. It has been a cool experience for Sam and Soph, thrown in the deep end initially selling 87 stage one sections in less than 6 months, but getting to know all of the amazing people and families that will make up the future Rangitahi community has been a real highlight. They couldn't be more chuffed to see these families designing and building their dream homes on the peninsula and it has been even more rewarding to see some already moved in and enjoying daily life at Rangitahi.


With the latest stage soon to be released, Sam and Soph have been keeping busy getting everything ready for section viewings.
If you would like to register your interest in future stages, You can do so via this link -

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