Live the kiwi dream with a coastal section in Raglan

Over the last few years, many of us have realised we can work from anywhere without being tied down to a major city – and this realisation has opened the door to endless possibilities for seeking out a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by nature, that the whole family will love. One of the most beautiful, well-situated communities to make your new home is the Rangitahi Peninsula, Raglan’s newest property development that offers a bit of coastal paradise on the west coast of New Zealand. This new urban sustainable neighbourhood aims to provide land for those wanting to join a laid-back seaside community, build their own dreams, and create a life that promises beauty and simplicity.

Why make Rangitahi your home?

With more section releases on the way, Rangitahi could be the perfect place for you to build your dream house.
Here are some of the things that make it such a unique opportunity.

  1. Location, location, location

Raglan is known as one of the most beautiful and scenic areas on the North Island. Only 3 minutes drive from Rangitahi, the laid-back oasis offers one of the top surf breaks in the world, seriously good coffee, and plenty of activities to please the whole family. For snow bunnies, it’s only 3 hours’ drive to Ruapehu – and on a good day, you can even spot Mt Taranaki! In terms of commute, this unique coastal town is only 45 minutes from Hamilton CBD (with a bus you can take from Raglan town centre) and 2 hours from either Auckland or Tauranga, making it the perfect place to be close to it all while still enjoying the serenity of a small town.

Family walking towards the harbour
  1. Community and nature

Rangitahi was designed with community and family in mind, making it a great place to raise kids and be connected with nature. Raglan is well known for its amazing fishing and epic surf – the local school even has its own Surf Academy (the only surf programme of its kind in New Zealand) that offers elite coaching and training to talented young surfers, such as NZ Olympic surfer Billy Stairmand.

  1. Architecture standards

Rangitahi isn’t like your average development with cookie cutter homes – all the homes built on the Peninsula are individual and modern, with many following a rugged Kiwi coastal style. All proposed new homes go through a design review to ensure the high standard of building and energy efficiency is met, and that every home adds to and maintains the quality and value of the Peninsula and all homes within it. For those who might not know where to start with designing their dream home, there are plenty of builders in Rangitahi offering fixed price, set floor-plan builds to reduce any stress or budget risks.

  1. Amazing facilities

Rangitahi will be set up like any new community, designed to offer everything you need and bring people closer together. Some of the facilities that will be at Rangitahi include a café, daycare, 14 kilometres of walking tracks around and through the Peninsula, recreational facilities (tennis court, basketball court, playground and frisbee golf), and a selection of retail shops and commercial spaces. There are various fruit orchards, including grape, fig, olive, apple and avocado, located around the Peninsula for all to enjoy, and there has also been extensive regenerative planting to keep the area pest free and help the native bird life to flourish.

Introducing Rangitahi’s newest section release

The Landing is the fifth stage of the Rangitahi project, comprising 30 sections total (ranging in size from 375m2 - 892m2), all with an eastern view flowing down towards a public reserve, where there is a large grassed area and easy access into the water for the whole family to enjoy. The first release includes a mixture of flat and nicely sloped sections, so many of the homes will have a lovely view of the sunrise coming up behind the green slopes of the farmland beyond.

The Landing entrance is a 1-2 minute walk from The Plateau, where many of the facilities mentioned above will be located, and all homes are within a few minutes walk of the water. For new occupants such as Ben and Jordie, who recently completed their new home in Rangitahi, it's all about having close access to the water and the amazing views that greets them each day as they come home from work. For Tim and Patsie, it's also the love of a good beach, the surfing, and tramping available - with the Raglan golf course just across the water an added bonus.

As a burgeoning community right on the doorstep of Hamilton, Rangitahi is a great area to 'grow into', according to Tim and Patsie.

With 25 of these sections available now and priced from $435,000, the opportunities for building your dream home and starting a new life in Raglan are endless.
To learn more about Rangitahi and the available sections, or to book a site visit, check out the website and
contact Sam for more info.

The Rangitahi Project

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