Walking Tracks at Rangitahi

A favourite activity for many of the Rangitahi residents and visitors is to use the walking tracks that circumnavigate the peninsula and crisscross into the residential areas, connecting the different precincts together. As the earthworks have been progressing up the peninsula, so have the walking tracks. So we wanted to update you on what parts of the tracks are open for exploring. On the included map, you will see the pink lines mark the areas that are now open to the public. Once completed, there will be 14kms in total of walking tracks.

These are family and dog friendly walks to explore in Raglan.

The walking track starts at Lot 103, where The Hut and the Rangitahi sales building is located. It’s a great meeting spot to stop and get a locally roasted coffee and sample some of the freshly made treats that are made daily.Rangitahi Peninsula has so much beauty on offer; being surrounded by water and planted with native trees is a part of our regenerative planting vision, means the native birds are flourishing, and you can hear the beauty of their birdsong as you walk the tracks.

Walking at high tide is even more special and provides breathtakingly beautiful scenery but come low tide it's also a great hard surface for the little ones to get down into and explore.

As you meander through the tracks, you will also come across some pockets of growing fruits trees that will eventually produce to provide the residents with some pretty delicious fresh options, including Figs, Apples, Feijoa, Grapes, Citrus, Avocados and Olives. Frisbee golf goals are also nestled in by the olive grove.

Once the tracks are completed, they will also take you to the Plateau, where you can stop in for a game of tennis or basketball or take the kids to the playground. There will also be a small selection of retail shops in this area. We hope you can make some time to explore our beautiful spot here in Raglan; With the harbour at our front step and the bush in our backyard, we are so lucky to call Rangitahi home.

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