Things to consider before choosing your outdoor fireplace

Similar in construction to indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces are typically made from materials such as pumice, brick and mortar.
A good quality outdoor fireplace will feature a chimney, firebox and hearth and will usually be built on a stone, brick or concrete patio or paved surface.

Making a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, a fireplace can provide ambience and take your entertaining to the next level!

Here are some things to consider:

Think about your primary use/intention for the outdoor fireplace.
This will help you choose the right model and size. How many people need to be able to gather around the space?
Will you use it to cook food, or is it simply for enhanced ambience?

Wood or Gas?
Choose what is more convenient for you and discuss your best options with your supplier of choice.

Outdoor kitchen?
If you plan to use it for grilling and entertaining, you will want to include a food prep area in your design and spacial planning.

Choose the area carefully.
Make sure you plan for this cozy outdoor addition by taking into account safety as well as usability within the space.
Is there enough room to have seating options around it? Also think about wind and weather impact as you pick your spot.

Are outdoor fires permitted on Rangitahi?
Yes, you absolutely can have an outdoor fireplace.
You will need to include your fireplace of choice in your design review submission for approval, and we suggest you include this in your landscaping plan.

We’ve pulled some ideas off Pinterest for you to get that inspiration flowing.

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