Meet Fuegos, the perfect wood fire bbq for the new grilling season

Co-owner and Raglan resident, Diego says; Fuegos came to life simply by enjoying an evening around a fire. In these moderns times, where everything goes so fast, and there is no time to stop. Where the feeling is that we are behind everything, right there... is when Nature slows us down, with all her beauty and immensity, shows us that we are a very small piece of this perfect puzzle.

Fire, Fuegos, in Spanish, is one of the elements that connects us.
It doesn't matter where we are from, we all have in common that being around a fire is an enjoyable time. It is a positive moment every time.

Cooking on fire is that same cosy feeling. It returns to the origins, where the food was cooked in community on a fire. The spirit of bbq-ing is to share, get together and enjoy beautiful food cooked on top of hot ambers, enjoying the present moment. That is our message, our mission, to get more together, to slow down and enjoy a great time around a fire.

We are traditional and innovative. We represent the spirit of human origins, and for it, we bring you our stylish, practical and build-to-last products.

Co-owner, Ben embarked on his journey of producing Chimichurri in his home garage back in 2018. This endeavour eventually gave birth to Salsa Brava, a brand that now boasts four distinct sauces, each of which is distributed nationwide. Alongside this venture, Ben delved into catering, spreading his passion for barbecues. As he shared his experiences with friends and at events, he found people consistently approaching him with inquiries about his cooking methods. It was at this juncture that Ben decided to import tools from Argentina.

The art of woodfire and charcoal cooking is witnessing a remarkable surge in popularity, not only in New Zealand but across the globe. Gradually, individuals are making the shift from gas to this natural source of heat. Kiwis, in particular, relish the experience of gathering around an open flame.

To us, barbecue represents more than just culinary delight; it encapsulates an entire experience. It symbolises coming together, uniting around a crackling fire, creating cherished moments with loved ones, all while relishing delectable meals.

Barbecuing isn't a seasonal affair, for the warmth of the fire is something that accompanies us throughout the year. We aim to impart this philosophy to our fellow Kiwis in Raglan, illustrating that cooking with fire is accessible to all. Once you embrace it, there's no turning back to gas – of this, I can assure you.

Our products, range from firepits to barbecues, catering to varying preferences and needs. And if you're still pondering, you can see the grills on display at Rivet, Raglan. Also, we're thrilled to announce that we'll be hosting a comprehensive product demonstration and showcase over the 2023 Labour Weekend on Rangitahi, right in front of The Hut coffee shop at 29 Rangitahi Road.

Traditional and innovative barbecues, easy to carry, set up and to cook on. They look stylish and have a really tidy and professional finish. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of cooking styles and techniques. Whether you want to grill, smoke, or roast these barbecues are capable of delivering exceptional results, even if you can't cook!

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