Tony Sly on living the 'country to city' lifestyle

Tony, you are a longtime Raglan local and business owner.
What do you love most about the Raglan way of life?

It’s hard to say what l like most about the Raglan lifestyle there are so many things to love!
For me the quality of life we enjoy living in this beautiful natural environment and the ease of running the business here with all the support services you need so readily available is a huge plus.

Tony Sly

Tony Sly Pottery has become a major household name across New Zealand.
What's your secret to consistency and ongoing inspiration?

Consistency over time being reliable and having the door open 7 days a week has been key to the slow and steady growth the business has achieved over the years. Being a good host is so important too. Visitors come out of their way to visit Raglan, so I've learnt very early on you just have to be open!

I’m very grateful that we have grown with the town and a development like Rangitahi that is well planned and cohesive with the environment benefits the whole community.

How has your New Market store influenced your day-to-day?

Opening our New Market store has bought a little bit of Raglan to the city. Ironically we have noticed that we sell to Aucklanders in Raglan and in Auckland we have customers from out of town visiting Auckland for shopping. A win win really.

Tell us about your unique Auckland - Raglan lifestyle...

My husband Tim is a Gallerist based in Newton Auckland so we enjoy a mixed city / country life and the Waikato expressway now means we can be door to door in 1 hour 45 mins! That compares favourably with catching the ferry to Waiheke or driving north to Matakana and is less congested.

What are your thoughts on Rangitahi and what would you say to someone considering a shift to the coast?

I think that Rangitahi will be appreciated more and more as time goes on, as a well planned community. I could imagine myself living there when I’m older and not wanting to look after a large property. A real community around me with a mix of people at different ages and stages as opposed to the monoculture of a retirement village is very appealing to me.

Left; Tony's Raglan workshop by the wharf. Right; New Market store.

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