Generational living

Do you find yourself googling how to cut living costs in New Zealand?

Why not explore the - not so new - idea of generational living? This can be achieved in many different ways and makes for a fabulous challenge to any architect. Here at Rangitahi, we are committed to providing our community with a place that encourages and fosters self-sufficiency and sustainability. This includes looking at alternative ways of living and building with the next generations in mind.

Living amongst family can have many benefits and is embraced across all communities, with financial savings being one of the top reasons, along with being able to support each other through all stages of life. Re-connect with your loved ones, grow and share food together, feel supported through the school holidays, and share building and living costs with the people you love and trust. In the current climate, it could be that investing in a larger section that allows enough space to meet the needs of two to three generations at once and splitting the cost can create a much more effective result versus having individual smaller builds along with the cost of maintenance and care for both, child and or elderly support.

The fact that sections over 900sqm allow for a secondary dwelling also means you do not have to commit to living under the same roof if that feels a little too close.

Inquire with the Rangitahi office today and book a private viewing of the current for-sale sections suitable for this way of building & living. If you love the idea of having family close by but do not necessarily want to share your day-to-day, the Rangitahi peninsula will have the perfect cluster of sections available for a collective family move to the west coast. Don't miss another day in your grandchildren's life, and start planning now. Bring your family over for a day of exploring our coastal walkways, and enjoy a coffee and snack at The Hut cafe while taking in the Rangitahi way of life.

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