Front yard gardening and maintenance

Who doesn't love a cute front yard?!

Planting and landscape design really completes the look of any home.

Keeping the entrance area groomed and inviting is essential for positive energy flow - and happy neighbours ;)
When building on Rangitahi specifically, you are required to complete all landscaping within a year of the house build, so be sure to allow room for landscaping in your building budget. This condition supports our overall vision for Rangitahi both, aesthetically and regenerative planting wise.

For best success pick plants that are native and thrive in the West Coast climate.

Use a ground cover to fill those gaps between the larger plants, this also helps keeping weeds at bay.

When choosing loose rocks, gravel or bark be sure to contain the material with a nice trim such as wood, blocks or metal.

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For detailed guidance on planting and designing your Rangitahi home, please refer to our Rangitahi Design Guidelines.

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