Who knew paint could be this good?

We've discovered a South Island gem for you!

After learning the pitfalls of the paint and timber coatings industry, which for over 70 years has favoured petrochemicals and toxic ingredients, the Co-Founders of Natural Paint Co., Grace and James both quit their career paths to create a business that would redefine the industry.

Working with leading paint chemists, Grace and James have created natural, plant based paints and oils that far exceed industry standards, while solving colossal sustainable and ethical issues within the industry.

Here at Rangitahi we are always looking for better solutions in and around the building industry. Natural Paint Co is a non-toxic, New Zealand made paint solution we could not ignore and we are excited for future collaborations with Grace and James.

The Natural Paint Co website has a fun and easy to navigate colour chart, pick your favourites and receive a cute sample pack that includes a brush and swatches for you to have a good play before you make your final decision. After all, no white is the same!

Here are some tips for you to consider when choosing your colours.

If your space has lots of natural light means you are working with a warm room, so more of a cool white might be the way to go for you.
Less sunlight means a room with a cooler feel, so a “warmer-toned white” may be a good idea.

Paint test patches in your space if possible.
Great a vision board on Pinterest and collect ideas and inspiration images.
Consider things like wooden beams or exposed metal framing.

"Unfortunately, when it comes to picking white paint, there’s no ‘one white fits all’ solution so, we’re going to share the tried and true process we go through to choose the white paint for each and every one of our projects. You’ll be shocked and amazed at how different white paints can look in different homes and surroundings and we’d far rather you’re amazed at your fabulous end result, rather than shocked by it!" - Three Birds Renovations

This can be fun but time consuming process but this is not the moment for shortcuts.
And why not be brave and try something colourful?

Choose paint for a happy and healthy home.

Are you still looking for that forever home? Rangitahi Peninsula might just be your dream spot!

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