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Building a new home is an exciting journey, and along with creating a great exterior look comes the interior. For some this is a joyful experience, for others, it can be quite daunting. Picking a style that you will live in that both reflects your personality and is timeless in style and quality can often be a task that is best shared. Enter Deborah Couchman from Rosenbury Interior Design. Deborah is located in Hamilton and comes to Rangitahi on the regular to work on projects. We had a wee chat with Deborah about her interior design services, trends she loves and how she can help you put the final pieces of the puzzle together to create your dream home.

Could you give yourself a little bit of an introduction?

After many years in the travel and hotel industry dotted with adventures around the globe, I decided to embrace my love of colour, take my passion to the next level, and gain a diploma in Interior Design. I’m a mum of 2 young daughters, so can appreciate the desire to have a stunning show home worthy house but also understand the reality of family life and chaos that entails.

How long Has Rosenruby been around?

I launched Rosenruby in 2019, which in hindsight was perfect timing as only a year later the world turned upside down and people started to look at their homes through a different lens which created new opportunities for many in my field. The name Rosenruby is a tribute to my two grandmothers, Margaret Rose & Avis Ruby, and their mothers Rosalie (Known as Rose) and Ruby, which beautifully blends my history into my future.

Where are you based?

Hamilton, but I support clients who are building throughout Waikato. I have also worked with homeowners as far afield as Lakes Hayes (Queenstown) with sourcing furniture and soft furnishings as I have a network of trusted suppliers I work with who are scattered throughout the country – Working remotely has never been easier!

What are your first impressions of The Rangitahi Project?

That it is a peaceful coastal sanctuary for homeowners who embrace modern living but also honour their surroundings and the sacredness of the land, all the designs, materials and colours used to complement each other rather than compete which is a testament to the developers and their vision for the community they are fostering. I can’t wait to watch its evolution from farmland to homes for many.

Do you have any projects going on (or coming up) at Rangitahi?

I have recently worked with one of Versatile Hamilton’s clients who are building in The Plateau and there are others in the pipeline.

What is your design philosophy?

Creating Interiors with Soul where loves of yesterday effortlessly merge with treasures of tomorrow. I love being able to springboard a design concept off the colours within a piece of art, a family heirloom or an item or location that is close to someone’s heart!

What sets your interior design business apart?

I am committed to helping those I work with create an interior with soul where their home is a true reflection of their personality not just a mismatch of trends, they have seen online that they want to replicate regardless of whether it suits their environment or needs. I always give my honest feedback and treat everyone with the same respect regardless of the size of their build or budget – Everyone’s home is their castle!

What do you enjoy most about working with your clients?

Getting to know them, learning about their lifestyle, those who are important to them and what inspires them. I especially love working with clients who feel overwhelmed by all the options at the start and watching their demeanour change as the decisions domino and they can start visualising their new retreat as the elements come together.

What are some trends in interior design that you are loving at the moment?

Matching dramatic stone benchtops and splashback that add the wow factor
Vaulted ceilings
Wallpapered featured walls
Bringing elements of nature in (especially green tones)
Curved furniture
Multi-functional spaces that allow for both connection and privacy to reflect our evolving lifestyles.

Where can we find out more about your business and see your work?

Instagram @rosenrubyforyou

The Rangitahi Project

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