Raglan Artisan Goods

Buying locally in Raglan couldn't be any easier with the number of delicious artisan products that are available.
You can find everything you need right here without having to shop at a large supermarket. Everything is made with love and care, and with sustainability at the forefront of the decision-making process.

Living in an innovative community like Raglan means you can enjoy things like fresh milk delivered to your door, artisan bread baked daily and freshly roasted small-batch coffee on subscription. Here we have listed a small selection of locally produced Raglan food products.

Raglan Roast

Raglan Roast was started back in the early 2000s by a couple of local surfers looking for a strong brew to power them through the day. Originally located in the hole in the wall down Volcom Lane, they now have 6 locations and are still growing.

Over the years, we have developed our own unique blends and roasting methods, including our custom-built small batch roasters. We are now lovingly roasting from several locations between Raglan and Hamilton with a hands-on, small-batch process to ensure the best flavour in every cup. Our green beans come from all around the world and are sourced from Fair Trade Certified origins where the fair wages and working conditions of our growers are treated with the same importance as the flavour.

Raglan Roast can be found in their flagship stores, three of which are in the Raglan area - Volcom Lane, Raglan Roast Food Department, and Te Uku Roast Office, They are also available in Raglan SuperValue. And have a subscription service where you can have freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door.

Dream View

Dreamview Creamery is a family run business that has brought back dairy the way it used to be with reusable glass bottles, naturally rich unpasteurised A2 milk and local delivery of milk to your door! Dreamview Creamery is located on the hills above Raglan and overlooks the Whaingaroa Harbour and Tasman sea. Owned by the Hill family, they have farmed the rugged 300 acre property for 20 years. Over the years they have moved to more sustainable practices, and now the focus is all about bringing locally produced dairy products to the Raglan community and beyond.The Dreamview team offers home deliveries five days a week and provides milk to cafes and shops in Raglan, Hamilton, and Tauranga with their six delivery trucks. The current range includes A2 milk, raw milk. yoghurt, cream and cheese will be coming soon! You can also find their range in the Raglan Four Square.

Raglan Artisan Bread

Delicious Sourdough Bread made with love. Raglan artisan bread is located down Electric Avenue in the heart of Raglan. They create a delicious range of handmade artisan breads daily.

“We are proud to bake wholesome, delicious bread from scratch right here in Whaingaroa. My passion is to provide real food, without adding anything artificial. Offering nutritious, affordable, and sustainable kai as an easy option regardless of dietary preferences. We look forward to seeing you soon." - Corrina and Team

Pop into their shop to see what the daily specials are in the cabinet, or you can purchase their bread from both Supervalue and FourSquare https://www.facebook.com/raglanbread/

Hunt and Gather

Hannah and Rory Obrien are the owners of the local beekeeping and honey-producing company ‘Hunt and Gather’ They produce the most amazing Honey for the Raglan community and beyond. They are passionate about being a sustainable, local business. They are slowly building their dream to sell their own branded honey far and wide, and can't wait to share the vision with you.Hunt and Gather have a range of different Honey variants available, which can be purchased online or found in The Herbal Dispensary and Raglan Supervalue.

Soul Food Farm

Eddie & Kylie have been running this family-run farm for more than four years, they grow a variety of seasonal produce that includes a mix of salad mix, micro-greens, spinach, coriander, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spring onion, and rocket. Being a local business, the freshness just can't be beaten! Their products can be found in Raglan Super Value and will be available in the Four Square very soon.

“We are a family-owned and operated Market Garden business in the beautiful town of Raglan, NZ. We follow organic principles meaning all our produce is spray and chemical free. We have an emphasis on freshness and supplying local and also use only 100% home compostable packaging"


Many of these beautiful products are available at our Rangitahi Summer Market.

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