The Rangitahi Peninsula – A Beautiful Neighbourhood

We recently released 10 new sections on the peninsula located within The Plateau: The heart of Rangitahi (also known as stage 3).

The Plateau is the most elevated area on the peninsula, with views of the surrounding farmland, coastline, and harbour. In 2020 we sold more than 60 sections in this area, titles have now issued, and building has commenced. The entire stage is made up of 90 sections in total.

There is a small village area made up of commercial and residential development, with adjoining urban reserves, we are currently designing some recreational features such as a tennis court and playground to be built there in the future. There will also be some small and larger commercial spaces developed including a childcare facility. The Plateau is closely connected to the water’s edge and other stages via our open space network of walking tracks and footpaths. The area is surrounded with green space, some of which has been planted with regenerative native planting to create interesting views and maintain the area. We have planted community orchards across the peninsula in pockets of ‘in-between’ land that are fully accessible and open to the community to use.

The 10 sections we have recently released are north facing and have a beautiful outlook of Rangitahi and the Raglan area and snippets of the harbour. Construction of this release of sections is planned to begin in May 2022 with titles for the sections anticipated to issue around Dec 2022.Rangitahi is one of the most unique developments in New Zealand and people from all walks of life are interested in being part of the community we are establishing here. We have gathered a lot of interest in the sections over the last few months and don’t expect they will be around for long.

If you are interested in learning more about the Rangitahi project, come over to check it out order a coffee at our little eco coffee window ‘The Hut’ and have a chat with Sam about what’s coming up in the future.

Section sizes range from around 430m2 – 628m2

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The Rangitahi Project

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