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When you're moving around Rangitahi, you will undoubtedly see a Wainui Construction - now, Hay Properties - vehicle or signage in the area; they are a busy team closely connected to the Rangitahi project through their construction company and environmental business. Wainui Construction has some stunning homes already completed in Rangitahi, and have many more coming up. Haden and Hayley Vink, the directors of this local powerhouse team, come from an engineering background and have a great team who all live, work, and play locally. Read on to hear about some exciting and grand projects they have coming up on the Peninsula.

Could you give yourself a little bit of an introduction?

Hi there, we are Hayden and Hayley Vink, the Directors of Wainui Construction. Wainui Construction has been a part of the Rangitahi project since the very early stages as we initially completed the public boardwalk opposite the Hut café. Since then our work on the peninsula has continued and we are now thrilled to have clients living in two completed homes on the peninsula with more on the way. We are also closely connected to the project through our engineering business, Wainui Environmental, which has been responsible for the engineering design of stages three and four of the project.

How long has Wainui Construction been operating?

Wainui Construction was born in 2017 out of a desire to see all aspects of our projects completed from concept and design through to completion. In that time our team has grown and today includes; Project Managers, qualified Builders, Apprentices and Labourers who take great care and pride with each high-quality Wainui build. Our parent company, Wainui Environmental, has been operating in Raglan as a Civil/ Environmental Engineering and Planning consultancy since 2011.
(Update, now called Hay Properties)

Where are you based?

We are Raglan-based and are fortunate to have all our team live locally.

What are your first impressions of The Rangitahi Project?

From the outset it has been apparent that the Rangitahi Project was underpinned by a strong desire to deliver best outcomes for both the community and the environment.It remains clear that the level of quality of this development is an incredible asset to Raglan. There are some amazing designs and buildings popping up across the peninsula.

You have some great projects coming up in Rangitahi. Can you tell us a bit about them?

It’s an exciting time for Wainui Construction as we are set to kick off several new residential builds in the coming months as well as the completion of North Point Residences, six modern coastal apartments located in the village core of Rangitahi. Our family home is one of the projects we currently have on the go with foundations underway. Designed with a simple Japanese aesthetic in mind, this single-level home includes a protected courtyard and low pitch roof to ensure it tucks into the contour of the land.

For Hayden’s parents we are about to kick off this compact family retreat. The design includes clever use of screens and site topography to offer privacy from the northern road frontage while allowing sun into the living spaces.

Also underway is a new build for Hayden’s brother and his young family which is a modern take on a luxury Balinese villa. The multi-gable home will maximise the northern aspect of the site and full-height glazing is set to provide an uninterrupted connection with the native bush which wraps the site.

We are also working on a medium density housing development in Stage 4 which we are excited about. Hoping to release the first stage to the market later this year.

What is your process when working with a new client?

We have been privileged to work with clients who come to us with a strong vision of what they are wanting to achieve and then allow us to turn those visions into reality. Our job is made that much easier when our clients share the same desire for a high-quality finish that we pride ourselves on. We are also a member of Master Builders NZ meaning our clients are protected by guarantees and customised building contracts. One of the fundamental starting points for any build is to understand our clients budget and balancing that against their desired end product. Understanding the budget from day one helps to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

We are grateful for the expertise of Tane Cox of Red Architecture who is on-hand and quick to let our clients know if their vision matches their budget.

Do you have certain architects you love to work with?

We work with closely with Tane at Red Architecture, and throughout the years we have established a deep trust in RA’s design approach and processes. They understand the nuances of the wild west coast aesthetic unique to Raglan. We have also worked with designs from Raglan’s Rubix Architecture and Mike Goodison. The Raglan community is extremely fortunate to have some very talented local designers to choose from.

Do you have any tips on building at the moment and how to minimise any construction delays?

There will be delays in the current building climate. We are acutely aware of the stress that the last couple of years has put on everyone in our industry and have found kindness and understanding really does make a difference. Plan, plan and plan some more. A solid product selection suite upfront will save you frustration down the track. We would recommend developing a relationship with your builder as your design evolves. It’s important to remember variations during the build process can be costly. Every bit of planning and reviewing of your design prior to going for building consent will save you money and minimise potential clashes down the track.In saying that, some changes are absolutely worth it and there will always be unforeseen challenges to work through on any project.

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