Small + Architectural: Our top 5 picks in New Zealand

In New Zealand, we have a deep love affair with the family bach. Many great summers have been spent at friends and families baches congregating around the BBQ and forming lifelong memories. Small homes are making this dream a real possibility. As land becomes scarcer and the building prices skyrocket, many people are turning to small homes as a cost effective and more often much quicker solution.

So, what makes a small home? There is a many different opinions but as a rule of thumb, anything that is under 90sq could be considered a small home. This size comes down further when we start looking into Tiny Homes, which are often 37m2 or less. Small homes can be designed and built onsite but many of them are transportable or prefabricated and trucked or shipped into place. The prefabricated versions are often constructed much quicker and arrive ready to be connected to the land.

Make no mistake in thinking that a small home is cheap and tacky, the modern small home is architecturally designed to make the most of every inch of space, often using clever design methods to create interchangeable spaces that connect the interior the with exterior to expand your living into the outdoors.With the smaller footprint of the home and the vast selection of high quality natural exterior claddings, the small home is a smart option to use so that your new home integrates seamlessly into the natural contours of the peninsular.

Small homes can be a great option for smaller and narrow sections and are much easier to build sustainably for your family to enjoy for generations to come.Want to find out more? - Here we have compiled 5 of our favourite small homes and architects from around New Zealand.

1, Feather House, designed by Irving Smith Architects.

Feather house won Home Magazines small home of the year 2021.

A 2 bedroom, one bathroom house that is built into the landscape and is a communal living hub for the owners and their family.

2, The Cube, designed by First Light.

The Cube is one of many small home projects that First Light have completed. With its compact 48m2 it packs a punch in its sustainability credentials.

3, Horopito Bach, designed by Huis Design

Horopito bach is designed as an accommodation house.

With a ply interior, wide opening doors and a simple board and baton exterior, this is the quintessential NZ coastal bach.

4, Pahi House, designed by Pac Studio

Pahi house is a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom cost effective and environmentally responsible small home.

5, Tranquil Nook, designed and built by Nook

Nook homes specialise in prefabricated homes made in an Auckland warehouse and delivered onsite.

They have many designs of varying sizes and are all constructed with high quality materials that are locally sourced.

The Rangitahi Project

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