Moving Houses | And why it is worth considering

Rangitahi has recently made an appearance on the popular show Moving Houses on TVNZ1 as they followed along a Hamilton couple and their dream to retire in Raglan.This sparked some great conversations here in the office around moving a house built off-site vs building on-site. While there is a romanticism about watching your house being built on site, unfolding before your eyes, bit by bit, there is an undeniable advantage to building off-site in a dry workspace and away from weather impact! This has become apparent lately thanks to significant storms and unworkable weather, causing stress and setbacks in timelines which, of course, impacts the budget on all fronts.

A fantastic solution, especially for those smaller-scale homes and holiday baches. One thing not to underestimate is the actual transport to the site, which not only requires an incredibly skilled truck driver - as seen on the Moving Houses show, TVNZ1 - but also verifying your site is accessible by an oversized vehicle.

Here are three companies supplying pre-fab and transportable homes for you to explore.
All three of these companies have delivered homes to Rangitahi residents.

Laisurecom offers standard design options to luxury bespoke designs, this Cambridge-based company provides extensive experience on off-site builds.

Elevate Homes is an award-winning company that has flipped the notion of flimsy prefab housing on its head and focuses on creating quality, high-end housing that incorporates a contemporary, innovative take on offsite-built relocatable homes. These stunning architectural transportable buildings are built in a controlled environment meaning a stress-free, faster build time and high-quality finish. Pictured below is the Raglan tilt130, as seen on TVNZ1.

Transbuild specialises in the construction of transportable buildings for residential and commercial customers.

If you would like further information on available Rangitahi sections suitable for a transportable home project, contact our site manager, Sam.

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