Building Sustainably

Back to Nature Carpentry’s ethos is environmentally friendly construction.

Our designs are affordable to build, therefore a feasible option for average-income families.

We design our homes in collaboration with Studio 23 here in Raglan. To fit the indoor/outdoor Kiwi lifestyle we love, our homes are intentionally designed to breathe and encourage airflow/circulation & natural light/heating, using the elements in our favour. Back to Nature is a family-run business where great attention to detail and custom solutions are at the forefront.

We are NZCB builders, and all of our homes come with a 10-year Halo guarantee. We choose our materials to be non-toxic, highly efficient and take care to reduce and recycle construction waste where we can.

Eco building Rangitahi Raglan

What makes our materials eco-friendly?

We only build with MCA (Micronised Copper Azole) treated exterior timber. H3.2, H4 & H5.
This treatment has no arsenic or heavy metals, which is very important for our health and the environment.

We use this MCA timber for foundations, retaining walls, decks and fencing. We use low-carbon, highly insulated concrete in our maxraft foundations.

Over the foundation, we use the Forever Breath Specification created and supplied by Health Based Building.

We prioritise high-performing products, including non-toxic, breathable linings, plasters and paints, thermally treated timber cladding & exothermic sheep wool insulation.
Our windows and doors use thermally broken aluminium and argon gas glazing, which exceeds the new H1 standards.

The cherry on top is that we make all of our beautiful cabinetry bespoke for our clients to fit their needs.

If you have preexisting plans, we can use all of the above materials without changing the plans or having amendments with the council; they’re all certified and accepted materials. We are currently building eco-homes in Rangitahi and love to quote your next project.

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