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Summer is peeking its head around the corner, and what better way to get ready for the warmer months than a new pool! Not only are they a great addition for the hot summer months, but A pool can also add to the value of your home and be a real selling point for the future.Did you know that Raglan has our very own innovative pool manufacturing business that creates fully self-contained pools? All you need is a concrete pad, and they can drop it into place, fill it up with water, and it's good to go.

We caught up with Ross from Poolsmart to hear about their local business that was started over lockdown and is going strong!

Could you give yourself a little bit of an introduction?

Tony Belle first began making prototype pools two years ago when the country was under Covid Lockdown. I had personally worked with Tony over the previous few years, shipping some of his products overseas as I am also in the Freight Forwarding business. Myself (Ross) and Sandy were planning to buy one of his pools back in January and were so impressed with what Tony was trying to achieve and with his vision that we bought into the business. We launched the company under Poolsmart earlier this year. Tony looks after production and myself and Sandy look after the sales and admin.

What inspired you to start Poolsmart?

It was 100% Tony’s concept. Once NZ went into lockdown, most of Tony’s fiberglassing business was focused on the precision aviation and marine sector, and this work dried up. He decided he wanted to make something that could be transportable and re-locatable, as this was a growing trend in several other sectors. He came up with transportable, self-contained, steel framed, fiberglass Swimming Pools.

Where are you based?

2/12 Nau Mai Road, the business park just outside Raglan.

What makes Pool Smart Unique?

There was a distinct gap in the market for high quality, affordable, fiberglass pools that can be placed above the ground, or partially in-ground, where you may want to match your pool to the height of your existing deck or patio, or to drop into an existing deck or outdoor area. The Pools are also a perfect solution for a sloping section or elevated site or any other situation where a traditional inground pool is just not possible. The pools include all the features (and more) that you would expect from a mainstream inground pool manufacturer and come completely self-contained with the sanitation and filter systems, heat pumps, plumbing and wiring all pre-installed and built into the frame. Hence we refer to our products as Advanced Transportable Swimming Pools that can be delivered on the back of truck, filled up and plugged in.   The other important fact is that we can supply a pool in 8 – 16 weeks.

What is it about Raglan that inspires your business?

Tony was brought up in Raglan and myself and Sandy are from Hamilton  -  so we are very connected. We believe it is a perfect location and it has always been our aim to support the local community and become synonymous with Raglan.

How has the business evolved since you started?

Every pool we make we believe is just a little bit cooler than the last one. We add small changes and introduce innovative ideas as we go. Starting a business in uncertain times is a challenge, and as we find our place in the market, find our price points and build our brand, we will continue to change things up.

What’s the dream for the future of Poolsmart?

The vision is to not only establish ourselves in the Pool manufacturing market, but also to create a sector within the market that has not been well served in the past.   People who never thought that they could have a “proper” Pool  –  now have a much better chance because our pools cost a lot less than an in-ground pool. Installing a pool is still a big investment but we believe Poolsmart  represents greater value and we think that is what is important to most people. Eventually, we want to extend to pool maintenance and open a retail and online shop selling equipment and consumables. Depending on how things go, we would like to consider franchising so that we can cover other parts of the country.

Where can we find out more about your business and see your work?

Take a look at our website, www.poolsmart.co.nz or phone either myself or Tony.
People are also welcome to drop into the factory, Tony is there most of the time.

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