Cladding combo ideas for your dream coastal home

Cladding your home can be a big decision when it comes to choosing the right materials, as you want to get the perfect balance between looking great & withstanding the elements. It's a key decision that will influence how you feel about your home for years to come. You also need to consider what suits the surrounding environment in terms of durability and style. Raglan embodies the wild west coast, and is a true reflection of the rugged New Zealand coastline. Although the Rangitahi peninsula is relatively sheltered, it's still important to choose materials that will protect your home, and reflect the Raglan coastal style. You also need to think about cost, does it fit in the budget? Insulation performance, maintenance & sustainability are also all key factors to consider.

We thought it would be helpful to put together a list of cladding combinations and where to find them, that we think will not only look the part at Rangitahi, but will ultimately withstand the coastal elements for years to come. Don't forget to check out our Design guidelines here for more recommendations and ways to help keep your home to a high quality.

Paneling and Timber Cladding

Panel cladding systems are a cost effective way to finish your home with a classic modern look. James Hardie's Axon panel is easy to install, robust and versatile. Combine it with a timber shiplap or weatherboards and you've got yourself a stylish modern coastal home.

James Hardie Axon Panel - Robust, easy to install, sustainable, cost effective, stylish

Abodo Vulcan Cladding - NZ Renewable premium weatherboard timber, natural durability, long lasting, sustainable, high quality

Brick and Timber Cladding

You can't go wrong with brick. It's super reliable due to it's durability, insulating properties and fire resistance, and it's got a real charm and warmth about it. We would recommend stack bonded straight edge brick, as it's clean lines and natural look won't date and sit nicely against timber. Timber weatherboards are lightweight, beautiful and the cladding of choice for many kiwi homes and baches. It complements all architectural styles from bold minimalism to modern, clean lines to fit a stunning kiwi coastal setting. They also weather well over time in a coastal environment to give that rustic, beachy look.

Firth Devonstone - Earth style masonry brick, durable, low maintenance, high insulation, environmentally conscious company, NZ made

Hermpac Vertical Shiplap- High quality, NZ owned, lightweight, natural, long lasting

Colorsteel and Timber Cladding

Colorsteel is a great option for your home. Not only is it an affordable option, but it is extremely long lasting, durable and low maintenance. Steel cladding once installed will last for decades, and is perfect for the coastal environment. It also has a clean, modern finish and will look great alongside timber. It could also give you the option to splash out on a more expensive detail like cedar shiplap. Western red cedar is recognised in New Zealand as a premium exterior cladding material with a proven record for performance and versatility. It delivers an unrivalled combination of design and durability.

Coloursteel Maxx - specifically designed for rugged coastlines, corrosion resistance, long lasting, durable, affordable, high quality

Cedarscreen weatherboard vertical cladding system - premium NZ cladding, high quality, durable, architectural look & feel, natural, high maintenance

Check out and download our Design guidelines here for more design ideas and recommendations for your Rangitahi home!

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