Harrisons X Rangitahi: Making it easy to go solar!

We recently chatted to the country’s #1 home solar provider, Harrisons energy solutions, about the benefits of investing in Solar power and what they can offer Rangitahi residents. Hint: it's a great deal! Julie from Harrisons Waikato was kind enough to answer a few questions for us...

Why Solar?

See immediate savings on your household power bills and take charge of how you generate, use and store your energy.

Solar system prices have reduced significantly since 2007 and now with a much shorter payback period, solar provides a fantastic return that in many cases is better than money earning interest in the bank.

New Zealand is perfect for solar with about 2,000 hours of bright, radiant sunshine each year. Plus Raglan sure can boast plenty of sun so why not use it!

What’s the basic solar set up for a standard (150m2) 3 bedroom home?

Solar has never been more affordable. Below is an indication of what a solar system is likely to cost, based on lifestyle.

Lower Power User – retired/at home or for a starter to expand later - $4,900-$7,000

Average Power User – Small Family or able to divert power usage to daytime - $7,000-&10,000

High Power User – Large Family, multiple appliances(spa/pool), Lifestyle Block, Small Business - $10,000 plus

Are there different types of solar systems?

Harrisons have systems to suit almost any home and we will design the perfect sized system working closely with you and your individual lifestyle needs.

Up to how much can homeowners save on power costs with Solar?

How and when you use your power is different for every household. So, the best way to see how much you can save is to work through an energy assessment. Greg and Julie from Harrisons Energy Solutions Waikato can measure your usage and show you how to maximise the savings from your system.

What are the steps towards getting Solar energy installed in your home?

Step 1: Consultation

Picking the right type of solar system for your household can dramatically reduce the impact of the electricity you use at home and maximise the return on your investment – that’s why we carry out a personalised energy audit and work with you to find out how you use your power and work out the best option for you. It’s easy, effortless and free.

Step 2: Planning

After calculating your household and energy needs, we will design a personalised system purpose - built to lower your power bills.

Step 3: Installation

Our team of solar accredited registered electricians are passionate about their work. Depending on the size of your system and your type of roof, the installation can take anything from 4 – 8 hours – or a couple of days.

Step 4: Grid Connection

We will arrange for your lines network installer to replace your meter with an import/export meter (yes even on a new build this will be done!) to gauge any credit you might be owed for feeding power back to the grid.

What can you offer Rangitahi residents, and how do you think Solar will benefit this new community?

We have negotiated with our suppliers on behalf of all prospective Rangitahi Residents and will offer a free upgrade from our Panasonic panel with a 10-year product warranty, to the outstanding REC Twin Peak 2 Panel (featured in the first 2 images below) with a massive 25-year product warranty. Alternatively, if you are choosing the premium LG Neon 2 panel with a massive 25-year product warranty we’ll throw in a free LG TV!

And lastly, Why Harrisons?

Harrisons has become New Zealand’s #1 home solar provider by using our more than 50 years’ retail experience.We are a large established national company, but with local owners so while our buying strength allows us to offer more competitive prices we are able to combine this with the passion and commitment of us – your local business owners – a personalised approach from start to finish.

We believe that using premium products and brands will deliver noticeably better performance and greater reliability in the long run.We are proud to say we have been chosen as the New Zealand distributor by some of the world’s leading solar companies – Tesla, LG, Panasonic, Fronius and Solar Edge.

Our highly skilled solar accredited electricians take pride in their work and have obtained the highest possible best-practise training standards in installing solar.

Check out our more detailed FAQ page on our website here for more on Solar!If you'd like more information and are interested in using solar energy for your home on Rangitahi, you can get in touch with Julie or Greg at Harrisons Waikato, they'd be happy to help!

Julie.Foster@hah.co.nz Greg.Foster@hah.co.nz

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