Raglan Cafe Indi's on it's way to being waste free!

Some great news about Raglan cafe Indi's paving the way and ditching all single use takeaway cups! Posted in the Raglan Chronicle last week, cafe owner Miles Ratima, like many other Raglan residents, is taking a big step in the right direction to protecting our environment. Despite costing him customers, he believes it all comes down to education and setting an example.

“If you’re in hospitality in Raglan you should be educating people about waste. Every business owner should be taking care of their own rubbish and not give customers the chance to create waste in the first place.” He hopes he can set an example and other cafe's jump on board!

You can read the full article here. Raglan is an environmentally conscious community who care deeply about protecting the natural environment. We're looking forward to welcoming an extension of this community to the Rangitahi peninsula in the future. If you're thinking of making the move to Raglan, come and explore Rangitahi and book a site visit with us and you'll find out how easy it is to build your dream lifestyle in our welcoming community!

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