Rangitahi Designer series: Design House Architecture

Kris Wilson from Design House Architecture, based in Waihi beach, has designed this beautiful Rangitahi home taking inspiration from the surrounding land form and rugged west coast. We love the simplicity of the design, and the low & long form it takes to mimic the landscape it sits on.

Have a read of what Kris had to say about the design below.

Can you tell us a bit about your Rangitahi design? Is it a family Bach or a home, and what was the inspiration behind the design?

The design is for a family home. We gained inspiration for the design from the surrounding landform & the West coast rural/coastal environment & uncomplicated attitude. The house sits directly on the ridgeline of the Rangitahi peninsula & we have mimicked that lateral line with a simple, low & long form.

What are some of the materials you’ve chosen for this home and why?

We have chosen oiled cedar in the form of vertical shiplap weatherboards & rib profile longrun colorsteel. The cedar contributes natural tones & brings a lightness to the form, whilst the colorsteel cladding in ‘flaxpod’ is both visually recessive to reduce apparent mass, whilst being reflective of the Raglan coastal palette.

Did you enjoy working with the site? Were there any challenges?

This was a particularly easy site being relatively flat, given the typical surrounding topography of the peninsula.

How does the home make the most of its views?

We had to consider the orientation out to the Mt Karioi outlook, which meant the sun vs views consideration came into play. In gaining maximum northern sun into the street side of the home, we then had to balance that solar ingress against privacy & adequately addressing & engaging with the street frontage as per the Rangitahi design guidelines.

We can't wait to see this Rangitahi build come to life! Find more work by Design House Architecture and get in touch via their website here.

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