Rangitahi Designer series: Rubix Architecture

This week's designer series features local Architect Rubix Architecture, who worked tirelessly with their Rangitahi client & site to create a beautiful, functional home that makes the most of its picturesque harbour views! Rubix are a boutique design practice based in Raglan, NZ who are passionate about designing beautiful healthy homes using natural and recycled materials where possible.

Have a read of what they had to say about their design for lot 29 on Rangitahi below.

Can you tell us a bit about your design on Rangitahi Lot 29? What was the inspiration behind the design?

After careful consideration of the aspect and angle of the site and getting to know the clients tastes and personalities, we utilised the split-level design to maximise views, light and sun in the winter.

We love how you’ve worked with the slope of the site and how the home blends in with the natural lay of the land.
What was it like working with a sloped site?

Yes, it is very “Raglan” to have a bit of a slope! Working with steeper contours always adds a challenge especially if concrete floors are desired. These considerations needed to be taken into account from the beginning to avoid surprises down the track.

What were some of the materials you chose to use and why?

With an ever growing list of potential claddings on the market these days, it really gives designers and clients a great range of choice. Profiled steel cladding offers a low maintenance and pre-finished surface that is recyclable after a very long life so it ticks the sustainability box which is something we are always trying to achieve.

How did you design the home around the views?

Like any job you need to have the right tools, using 3D modelling, site visits, as well as the landscapes from images and satellite/google pictures. After designing other Raglan homes, we have learnt that spending a bit of time on site, on a windy wet day can make a difference to the performance of the home and placement of the views.

Do you look forward to working on other projects within the Rangitahi Peninsula?

We feel that in the long run the overall feel of Rangitahi will continue to create a variable landscape to avoid the “copy paste” look that some new developments end up like, creating this will need care, passion and inspiration which is something I look forward to in all aspects of life.

Lastly, what do you love about living and working in Raglan and what do you do in your spare time?

I Iove the people, the diverse culture, the waves and the west coast attitude that still survives in Raglan. I am blessed to be able to work with these people and conditions and understand that when I see them in the surf on a Wednesday at 11am, I know that they are supposed to be at work too!!

Alice at Rubix Architecture has created these incredibly realistic 3D visuals of their design, which makes us very excited for the real thing! We love the use of simple & natural materials, and the way they've worked with the landscape. Check out more of their work and get in touch via their website here for any architectural enquiries. And if you're thinking of joining the neighbourhood, head to our explore page here to find out what's available!

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