Resource: Planting guide for Western Waikato

Ecosourced Waikato, the Department of Conservation and local & regional authorities have put together a great resource for native planting specifically in the Raglan coastal region. It was designed for ecological restoration purposes and helps to ensure the natural ecosystems of the Waikato remain. This is a great resource for those with sections on Rangitahi, as it outlines the characteristics of the coastal environment, specifically the 'Harbour shore' for Rangitahi residents, and what is most likely to occur/grow well there. It lists different categories of common plant species and suggests the total number to be planted per 100 square metres, the species tolerances/preferences in the Raglan coastal environment along with planting tips. This will give you a good guide to planting on your sections and help you choose the right plant species that will thrive & survive on the land.

It also provides information on the plants value as bird food, attracting local wildlife, as well as the importance of ecosourced plants to help maintain the native ecosystem.

You can download the PDF document here: Planting guide for Western Waikato.

Have a read of our Design guidelines here for more landscaping ideas for your sections.

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