5 things we're doing to support our local businesses

Many of our local businesses are working really hard to adapt to the new 'normal', and deserve to be recognised and supported now that New Zealand is COVID free. Many of us were lucky enough to still receive our daily milk deliveries and weekly vege boxes during lockdown, due to the efforts our local businesses put in to provide a safe, valuable service for our town. Now that their doors are open again, let's continue to support local and help keep our community thriving. Here are 5 things we're doing to support our local businesses...


The Herbal Dispensary were busy safely packing and delivering a local, spray free/organic fruit & vege box service during lockdown, something they were able to exclusively offer local residents throughout the Level 4 restrictions. Due to ongoing demand and great feedback, they've decided to offer an ongoing subscription to their fruit & vege box service! We've been loving the seasonal, fresh produce in these boxes, and are happy to be able to limit our trips to the supermarket. What's even better is there's no obligations with the subscription, and you can include whole foods, refrigerated or frozen items too. Order in store or head to their website here for more!


I'm sure we can all agree flowers are a great addition to any home. They bring colour & joy, and help transform a room. We're lucky enough to have talented local florists and flower farmers here in our own backyard, one of our favs being Raglan Floral co. Her beautiful roadside flower stall is well known around town, but that's not all the lovely Kristel has to offer! She's a small scale flower farmer who does weddings & events, runs a range of workshops and makes every day flowers. Jump on her website here and be inspired by her beautiful work, or treat yourself (or your friend/partner/mother) to a bunch of her beautiful homegrown blooms from her stall at 494 Wainui Rd.


Another unique local service our little town offers is the Dreamview Creamery, an ethical & environmentally conscious creamery delivering milk to your door daily. What we love about Dreamview is their milk and cream comes in re-usable glass bottles, and once you buy one, you then return the bottle and get a refill for just $3! If you head to their website, you can see how many plastic bottles they've saved and what they're doing to protect the environment, and their cows. Another great contactless service, that's just like milk deliveries in the olden days! Order your milk online here, buy in store at 4square Raglan, or find them on Facebook here!


The local brew. Raglan Roast coffee is known amongst locals to get you ready for that early morning surf, or post yoga flow. And for only $3 a pop, or $2.50 for black, it won't break the bank and seems almost reasonable to make it a daily ritual. Grab it from their hole in the wall down Volcom Lane in town, with a B&E roll from their cafe at Raglan West or at their Tu Uku Roast office where you can literally smell it roasting. Or if you can't get to any of those, you can buy it online from their website here!


Raglan Shuttle were kind enough to deliver groceries & essentials to those that needed it during lockdown, and operating private taxi services for shopping and restaurant dining during level 2. They have also been delivering social enterprise Foodtogether Fruit & vege boxes locally, and have a number of new initiatives coming to their small business, including a local Arts tour in the Summer! Raglan Shuttle are a great service & small business to jump "on board" and support in our special little town! Head to their Facebook page here for regular updates, or head to their website here for a full list of services and online booking system.

There are also a number of other amazing small businesses and ways to support local in Raglan! Here are just a few more...

The Rangitahi Project

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