Designer feature series: Turner Road Architects

Award-winning Cambridge based architects, Turner Road Architecture have created cleverly designed transportable pre-fab homes that we think would suit those looking for value, but also something with architectural merit. Elevate Architectural Transportable's are a good example of quality pre-built homes that aren't poky or run-of-the-mill but practical and stylish! These homes are built, and project managed at their place ready to be delivered to yours, in under 6 months!

Elevate Architectural Transportable's are a great option for the Rangitahi peninsula and would work well with the site. Another major benefit of these homes is cost certainly for your peace of mind. They promise no cost overruns so you know what the building will cost even before it's built.

Turner Road Architecture has earned a name in the industry for providing stunning architecture in new homes, commercial and industrial design backed up with excellent construction knowledge to provide the client with the best possible outcome every time. A local gem!

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