Inspiring home spaces to enjoy year round

Creating spaces in your home that keep you inspired and calm are more essential than ever right now, and frankly should be year round! So we've put together a short guide on creating these spaces in your home to keep you inspired while planning for a future build or just to have a bit of fun while you're stuck at home this month! We've tried our best to keep the ideas relatively achievable whilst we are all in isolation, but they may require a bit of creative thinking!In today's world, we're used to instant gratification, especially when this can be achieved at the click of a mouse.

But a truly beautiful and inspiring home takes time, and beauty can sometimes be found in less. It's important to layer slowly, live with things before adding more, and allow your personal style to evolve naturally. Because after all, good things take time. You might come to realise you can live without that flat screen TV or a new high tech microwave or even that beautiful lamp you saw... Creating more space for a yoga corner you've been wanting to set up, or a tee pee your kids wanted to make out of dried branches and an old sheet. Here are some other ideas...

1. Zen space/Yoga/Creative corner

Mindfulness in our interiors makes the case for creating our homes as a refuge from the stresses of the outside world. And what better time to do this then now! Setting up a zen space/yoga/creative corner in your home is really quite simple - fill it with all the things that make you happy and calm, and keep it minimal. The less there is, the more space you'll have in your mind to think. Use it as your space to start that creative project you've been wanting to do, or simply to practice yoga or meditation. Just make sure it's away from any distractions! Set the ambience with candles, light some incense and fill it with plants and a comfy cushion, bliss!

2. Inspired by nature

Keeping a strong connection with the natural world is also an essential right now.

Time to make that plant corner you've always wanted, or bring some plant life into every room. Cut a few trimmings off your hanging plant, put it in water and multiply it! Find some old pots in the garden or get creative and use some recycled glass jars you've got in the cupboard. Succulents are a really easy one to re-pot and they look cute basically anywhere! We also love this old ladder turned plant hanging sculpture in the bathroom.

3. Easy but stylish DIY

Keep yourself busy at home by starting a DIY project. Reusing simple items that might otherwise be left in the garage or backyard to create simple storage solutions to reorganise and display homewares. We love the various ways you can reuse cement bricks, like these DIY shelves and bedside table above. The grey brick gives a bit of an industrial feel! You could also use an old magazine stack as a side table, either on its own or with some rope around it to keep it together. There really is so many ways you can get creative with your interiors without having to think or do too much, so go see what's in the garage or the garden that you could potentially turn into your latest invention.

5. A simple yet productive work space or home office

A stylish, functional home office is easier to achieve than you think. It's important to have all the essentials, but also to keep it simple. You don't want a cluttered space as it will only inhibit your focus and productivity. And it doesn't need to be it's own room, you can still create a separate work space in an unused corner or under a staircase, you just want to make sure it serves it's purpose. The right sized desk is a good place to start, make sure you have enough room for everything you need and so you can work to the best of your ability. The right chair is also important, as you'll likely be sitting here every day for long periods of time. Having it by a window is also a great way to get all the natural light with a view of the outdoors to enjoy while you work. Personal touches are a good way to keep it inspiring, welcoming and comfortable, and don't forget to have fun with it!

6. Take the inside outside

Lastly, give yourself even more living space by taking the inside outside! Set up an outdoor room or seated area that extends your home and adds another element to your home life. It could simply be in the form of a table and chairs, or a beanbag or two, but try and make it a cosy, enjoyable space for you to unwind at the end of the day somewhere separate to your office, kitchen or living room. And don't forget to make it you!

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