Introducing The Plateau, Stage 3, the heart of Rangitahi

We are incredibly excited to announce that pre-sales are now open for an exclusive number of sections on the newest stage of Rangitahi, The Plateau.

The Plateau brings with it diversity in nature, community, and land. It is the most central area of Rangitahi and has some of the best views the peninsula has to offer. The Plateau will have a variety of lots, shared spaces, native bush and reserves, and the sections will be varied in size, elevation and price.

The Plateau is a unique part of the peninsula that we are excited to show you. You will find it has a range of elevated, north facing, flat and sloped sections with panoramic views of Raglan. The Plateau offers idillic views of the Raglan harbour and the surrounding farmland and beyond, as well as the mountain.

There are 20 sections in the initial release of The Plateau, section sizes range from 450 - 1000m2

If you'd like to book a viewing or more information, get in touch.

There is so much opportunity on the Plateau, it's the heart of Rangitahi.

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