A look inside: Rangitahi Stage one sales

After 12 years of planning our project, it generated a lot of local interest in the opportunities the Rangitahi project was likely to present. With local Raglan residents wanting to secure an affordable and beautiful piece of land to build a good quality home within close proximity to the town centre. So it was not surprising to us that when the Rangitahi project was first released in 2017, that 56% of the sections in stage one sold to local Raglan residents. Some of which are new families relocating here from around NZ.

Raglan has always been a popular holiday spot in the summer months, but this has grown to extend throughout the year with the beauty of the rugged west coastline enjoyed in all seasons, particularly with its famous left-hand surf breaks. So of course a percentage of the homes on Rangitahi will be holiday homes. 26% of the stage one sections were sold to families that have a special connection to Raglan, whether they have been holidaying here for years, grew up here or have family living here. So it has been lovely to be able to reconnect these families with Raglan, an opportunity to build a family Bach and continue their legacy of family memories in Raglan.

We have found that a lot of these couples/families plan to retire or move their business here.

Across the Waikato there is a huge amount of building and development occurring partly due to our growing population but also due to the fact that people are looking to buy land outside of Auckland where property prices have become too expensive. Building can seem like a really daunting task to some, and this is where the housing companies come in, they can provide security around price and timeframe, by managing the build from design to handover. 9% of our stage one sections were sold to housing companies who will provide “house and land packages” to the “turn-key” sector of the market whether these will be full time residents or holiday homes we will have to wait and see.

The remaining 5% of sections were sold to property investors some local some from out of town, with the view to develop high quality properties, perhaps to sell on or as rental investments.

It has been exciting working with all types of buyers towards our vision of urban design to create a vibrant extension of the Raglan community.

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